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Our Impacts So Far

We work to guarantee human rights by gathering and disseminating clear and accurate information about the Correctional system and promoting practical and constructive solutions to deep-rooted problems in the Nigerian criminal justice system. 

Death Row Convict Freed

Secured the release of 19 convicts on the death row after 17-28 years behind the bar

Illegal Detainees Freed

Over 500 illegal detainees have been freed through our efforts.

300 Empowered Inmates

Over 300 of these freed detainees have been empowered with skills and resources to live meaningful lives and stay out of crime.

Freed After 26 Years of Wrongful Conviction

Story of Olusola Adepetu who spent26 years and the role of CJMR Olusola Adepetu Despite being found guilty of the murder of his fiancée, Ranti Moradeyo, and being sentenced to death by hanging was kept in jail for 26 years.

Our "Halfway Home" Program

Over 400 have passed through the Halfway House

Human Rights Advocacy

Over 300 high scholars have been reached with messages on human rights education

Moruf Freed After 22 years behind bars

Moruf Bolanle who spent 22years in the prisons and the role of CJMR

17 Years in Jail - Freed by CJMR

Story of Obasi Onyenye who spent 17 years and the role of CJMR

Mistaken Identity and 17 years in jail

Story of Olaniyi Emiola who spent 17 years and the role of CJMR.

Awaiting Trial

Stories of Nigerian Awaiting trial inmates.


Our Archive

19 people have gained their freedom after 17 to 28 years behind the bar. Over 500 detainees gained their freedom. Over 300 are beneficiaries of our Halfway Home and none of them revert to crime.


CJMR Detailed Financial Report


News Update – Report on Olusola Oladipo – Ex Inmate


CJMR Magazine – Justices Observer – Volume 4 – 2010 Edition


CJMR Letter of introduction and recommendation by Honorable Chief Judge Ogun State


Letter of Recommendation from the Office of the Controller of Corrections Ogun State Command


Our Magazine – Justice Observer 2018 Edition

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Centre for Justice Mercy and Reconciliation