Centre for Justice Mercy and Reconciliation

Centre for Justice

Mr. Tosin Akinrujumu

The CJMR, has contributed immensely to the rehabilitation of accommodation (for those with accommodation problems after discharge), supplying of skills acquisition tools for discharging/ex-convicts, payment of fines, and provision of trials to Awaiting Trial Persons (ATPs). This among others makes the NGO unique. The Centre for Justice Mercy and Reconciliation (CJMR) is also on the same page with Nigeria Correctional Service on non-custodial service going by the recent Nigeria Correctional Act of 2019 that has Community Service, Probation, Parole, and Restoration Justice Measures as its’ pivot. CJMR is a veritable giant, responsible, responsive, dedicated, and popular with high pedigree, Non-governmental Organization to the Nigeria Correctional Service that has rendered numerous assistance to many ex-convicts, especially those in Oyo State Correctional Centre with a track record of great achievement.

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Centre for Justice Mercy and Reconciliation