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One Good Turn Deserves Another

One Good Turn Deserves Another


  • In the spirit of reciprocal friendship that has flourished over nearly two decades, Bishop Joshua Adediran Adedeji, a dear friend, honored his promise to visit my ministry. Our enduring bond has been marked by numerous exchanges and shared blessings, creating a relationship of mutual respect and support.

This recent visit held a special significance, reminiscent of a poignant story about a watch passed down through generations. In that tale, a father tasked his son with assessing the watch’s value in various settings, teaching a profound lesson about the diverse ways people perceive worth. The moral was clear: align with those who truly appreciate your value.

Bishop Joshua’s visit on December 5, 2023, was more than just a friendly exchange—it was a meaningful manifestation of our shared camaraderie. Arriving at my office punctually at 3:55 pm with his wife and staff, he presented an unexpected and thoughtful gift: a check of N1,000,000 creatively wrapped in a billboard. Our ensuing conversation, rich with words of life and encouragement, lasted almost an hour.

Bishop Joshua Adediran Adedeji, the esteemed leader of the House of Abundance Church in the USA, focuses his ministry on supporting widows and orphans. Many beneficiaries of his outreach efforts are now proud university graduates, a testament to the transformative impact of his work.

This visit, filled with camaraderie and genuine connection, serves as a reminder of the importance of letting our lights shine for the greater good. As our interaction aligns with the teachings of Matthew 5:16, we share this light of kindness not only in person but also across digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

In a world where visionaries are sometimes doubted or misunderstood, it becomes paramount to continue shining our lights and uplifting those around us, fostering a community of mutual appreciation and support.

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