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Unveiling the Unjust Arrests: The Road to Freedom for the Ibadan 9

Unveiling the Unjust Arrests: The Road to Freedom for the Ibadan 9

In the wake of the EndSARS protest, a cloud of injustice loomed over Ibadan, Nigeria, where nine individuals found themselves behind bars, accused of arson, murder, and theft. A month had passed since the protest, and these arrests were made in different parts of the city, each telling a story of its own.

Among those detained were two brothers, residents of a house adjacent to a local police station. In a surprising twist, our investigations uncovered a story of humanity amidst chaos. It was revealed that a police officer had sought refuge in their home during the tumultuous times of the protest. This officer confided that the brothers’ father had shielded him from the wrath of the crowd. Sadly, this act of kindness cost their father his eyesight, and he wept in silence for his sons’ plight.

Further probing revealed the story of Olumide, an automobile electrician invited to inspect a police vehicle’s wiring. Little did he know that his expertise would lead to his own arrest. The moment he entered the car, he was detained, leaving him with no choice but to join the ranks of the unjustly accused.

The question looms large: Why were the police arresting individuals from all corners of the city, particularly those residing within the community? Our analysis of these arrests shed light on a troubling pattern, leading us to take action. We compiled our findings and submitted a report to the Chief Judge of Oyo State, seeking justice for these individuals.

As a result, the Ibadan 9, along with several others who had endured 8 to 10 years of wrongful detention, were set free. Many of those who remain incarcerated today are victims of arrests made by SARS police officers, reflecting a deep-rooted issue that demands our attention.

The road to justice is long and fraught with obstacles, but it’s essential to shed light on these injustices and work toward a fairer society. We firmly believe that every voice raised against such abuses brings us one step closer to lasting change. You can watch the full story here [https://youtu.be/K-QuIA7bk6Y?si=TFGqikHUeK-hwDk5m].

Let us unite in our pursuit of justice, and together, we can ensure that no one suffers unjustly at the hands of those meant to protect and serve.

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